Bombers News · Restrictions for Bomber Athletic Events the Week of November 16th

The Indiana Department of Health has designated Jasper County an Orange County.  To allow spectators to attend athletic events at school facilities, we have several expectations of Fans.  Please do your part by following these restrictions.  Failure to comply may result in further restrictions including conducting sporting events without fans.

  • A Facemask should be worn by fans for the duration of the event.
  • Family units may sit together but using 6 feet of social distancing between another family unit
  • All Fans are asked to leave the facility immediately upon conclusion of the event. There should be no social gathering and congregating at the facility before, during or after the event.
  • Separate Seating areas are designated for Home and Visiting Fans.


Monday, 11-16-20

6th Boys Basketball at Hanover Central  – Bench personnel should observe social distancing of 3-6 ft. Personnel not in the game should adhere to face covering requirements…anyone not participating in strenuous activity should wear a mask.  When the 7th grade team is playing, 8th grade athletes and any personnel should sit together in the bleachers, or can utilize the cafeteria if they choose but must remain seated at all times unless utilizing concessions or restroom. Masks are required at all times. The same policy is in place for the 7th grade team when 8th is playing.  Away fans will sit in the EAST bleachers and are required to wear a mask. Social distancing in the bleachers will also be required—members of the same household may sit together.


Tuesday, 11-17-20

6th Boys and Girls Basketball at West Central – For our COVID guidelines/entry plans, tickets will be sold at the gate. We ask that all fans wear masks when entering the building and when social distancing cannot take place. When fans are socially distanced, eating, or drinking, they may take off their masks.

HS Girls Swim at North Judson – No Visiting Fans Allowed

HS Girls Basketball at North White – All spectators will enter at Door #15.  Players, coaches, spectators etc. are expected to wear a mask when entering/exiting the building, to the restroom, and to the concession stand. Masks are to be worn in the stands until you are socially distanced.  Family members may sit together, but please practice social distancing between other families.  Student section will need to spread out and wear masks.  Please abide by posted signage, game announcements and North White game supervisors’ instruction while attending events.  We ask that when in line for the concession stand, you practice social distancing, and once you have purchased your items, return to your seats and not congregate in the auxiliary gym or hallways.  No visiting cheerleaders.  All Fans/Spectators should leave immediately after the conclusion of the event.

Ticket Information – Total number of capacity for each event will be determined by what color/stage we are in and that information can be viewed below.


Seating – Separate seating for Home and Visiting Fans.  No fans or spectators will be allowed to sit in the first row of the bleachers.  No fans or spectators will be allowed to sit in the lower section of bleachers behind the team benches and scorers’ table.

Level – Orange – 25% capacity, Main Gym: 25% capacity, max 6 cheerleaders at a time (Opponents 5 tickets total per player only and 200 tickets for Home Team) MPR Gym: 2 tickets per athlete, no cheerleaders

Level – Red – Will take into consideration the canceling of events.  Immediate family at all events.  Main Gym: Immediate family only (parents and siblings), no cheerleaders, no band.  MPR Gym: 2 tickets per athlete


Thursday, 11-19-20

7th and 8th Boys Basketball at RCHS – 4 tickets per player at the event gate for 7th team.  We ask that the 7th crowd leave following their game.  4 tickets per player at the event gate for the 8th team.  We ask that 8th crowd not arrive prior to the start of their game.

6th Boys Basketball – 4 tickets per player available at the event gate

HS Boys Basketball at Knox – Family only may attend:  This includes Parents, Grandparents and Aunt/Uncles.   Everyone must wear a mask and sit in family pods. Rensselaer will sit on the south side of the gym and Knox fans on the north side.

HS Girls Swim at Seeger – No Visiting Fans Allowed


Saturday, 11-21-20

8th Boys Basketball at Carroll Classic –  TBD

HS Girls Basketball vs. Tri-County at RCHS – Attendance is limited to 25% capacity.  Tickets will be available at the event ticket gate.