Boys Varsity Football · Colts Helmet Contest!

Each year the Colts and United Health Care provides an opportunity for Football Communities to come together and VOTE for RENSSELAER CENTRAL to win the weekly drawing:
Rensselaer Central has made it as one of the 16 teams each of the last 2 seasons, which qualifies the BOMBERS to be part of the FINAL GRAND PRIZE:  $25,000 check to purchase NEW HELMETS.    We have been close the last 2 years:   Even if we do not win the grand prize, I believe the football program received a donation from the Colts/UHC.
This is super simple;  It is once again a popularity contest!!!  Let’s get BOMBER NATION out in full force all week long:  Faculty, Students, et al.   One all out week shall do the trick!!!
Thanks BOMBERS!!!